the art of being happy
"Happiness is when what you say, what you do, and what you think are in harmony."
Amara Juliana Aquilla. 18, a witch, and pleased to meet you. (For the TOW roleplay)

"All unpacked, love?"

Amara was startled by the voice, having been lost in her own thoughts whilst moving her clothes from her suitcase to the closet of the small but quite lovely guest room the king and queen had supplied for her stay. She turned around to see her mother, standing in the door with a wide grin on her face. Of course she was happy about all this. It’s all the woman had talked about on the plane. How her daughter was to be queen someday and Narissa would be one of the most powerful woman in Maldonia and Nova Roma. 

Amara nodded quickly turning her attention back to putting away her suitcase. She was torn between stuffing it under the bed and putting it in the closet. Maybe she’d just leave it in the corner of the room. 

As though her mother was reading her thoughts, Narissa piped up with, “You might as well just throw it out.” 

The young girl looked at the elder woman again, surprised. “N-no. I’ll need it. For when we leave.” Narissa tilted her head at the girl. “Honey, we’re not leaving.” She entered the room fully, sitting down on the bed. “You’re getting married, sweetheart.” 

Amara felt her heart sink at her mother’s words. “…Mother, I…I don’t want to do this…” Her voice was full of a sudden desperation, panicking at the thought that in only 9 days, she’d be a married woman. She wasn’t even a regular woman. 

She was just a girl. 

Her mother sighed, patting the spot next to her on the bed, signaling her daughter to sit down. “I know, dear. Your sister told me.”

Amara opened her mouth, preparing to yell at her mother, to get angry with her for outright lying that she had a sibling. No words came out. Narissa continued. “She told me how whiny and ungrateful you were being. She thought you should be happy with what we have planned for you.” She gently brushed a piece of her daughter’s hair out of her face, murmurring. “She was very harsh…”

The young brunette was speechless. This couldn’t be true, could it? Jimena had she agreed with her…but then again…why would anyone agree with her. She was a silly girl. A silly, useless girl. 

Her mother smiled again, kissing the top of Amara’s head and hopping off the bed. Her words were suddenly bright and cheerful. “Be sure to get washed up for dinner, dear. Don’t want to make a bad impression.” She exited then, leaving her daughter alone in the room. 

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