the art of being happy
"Happiness is when what you say, what you do, and what you think are in harmony."
Amara Juliana Aquilla. 18, a witch, and pleased to meet you. (For the TOW roleplay)
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poor Amara.

she’s got so many people to follow too wow

omg i havent been on here in so long

when i logged in the terms of service window popped up

gniiiiight my lovely loves whom i love

aolani-tow: Lani smiled at Amara, taking the opportunity to make sure her gloves were on properly as well. "Do you think we'll get more snow on Christmas?" The 'walker asked. Though she knew she'd eventually grow tired of it, Lani had to admit that she now understood the hype around white christmases. Sure, holidays in tropical settings meant warmth and sunshine, but there was something almost magical about a snowy Christmas. Maybe it was because this was only her second winter here.

"I dunno." Amara said with a shrug, then adding, "I hope so." It was always warm in Nova Roma and playing in the snow, while it admittedly seemed kind of childish, was quickly becoming one of her favorite pastimes. Earlier that day, she’d made a snowman with Poppy, which was absolutely delightful, even with the little ghost eventually turning it into a snowball fight.  

aolani-tow: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The Isle certainly didn't disappoint during the holiday season. Snow covered the ground, parked cars- everything. It fell gently from the sky and blew across the streets in swirling designs. Tiny snowflakes clung to chocolate curls and dark lashes as the spirit walker walked down the street, her hands full with the day's purchases. "Merry Christmas!" She said to a young woman as she stopped in front a window display to adjust her hat.

Even though she’d been in England for a few winters now, snow never ceased to delight and surprise her. She grabbed handfuls of it off the ground, tossing the powdery ice in the air, while more of it fell into her dark hair and landed on the shoulders of her navy blue coat. She turned at a greeting, made a by young lady who’d clearly been shopping, if her bags were any indication. “Merry Christmas to you too!” Amara smiled. 

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not rly, considering i used to use his account all the time for all my roleplaying needs